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Reducing the management load

We aim to make life easier for Service Providers and Clinicians. Our managed services are all designed to take as much of the management and financial burden from your shoulders as possible, leaving you free to concentrate on medical outcomes.

Mobile services

A scanning service without capital investment.

Our mobile services are available to help out whenever you need to boost your imaging capacity.

Maybe imaging demand is high, but not high enough to warrant a new permanent system. Or perhaps waiting lists are overwhelming your on-site facility and you need a swift fix to help clear them.

Easy and convenient.

Our mobile services let you increase your capacity without taking a financial risk.

  • Flexible - rent for any stretch – from one day to ten years.
  • Or any regular period that suits – weekly perhaps, or monthly.
  • High throughput - up to 30 patients in a 12-hour day.
  • Staffed or not - we can supply expert Radiographers, or we can train your technical staff to use the facility.
  • East setup - we take care of everyhting that needs to be done to get you up and running smoothly and quickly.

Value for money and clear pricing.

One fixed price for the rental period, with flexible monthly payments, includes:

  • Delivery and setup
  • Fully comprehensive service and maintenance contract on all ancillary equipment like printers and the trailer
  • Site planning guidance and emergency coverage
  • Specialist advice and support throughout the life of the contract
  • Specialist training on the trailer and system applications

In-house services

Leaving you free to concentrate on your patients

Acquire advanced imaging facilities without capital outlay or financial risk. We’ll sort out the construction, installation and management of the facility – leaving you free to look after patients.

You’ll be free of the responsibility for maintaining complex equipment and correcting costly mistakes and free from having to deliver on-time and on-budget – that’s our problem.

  • We’re independent of particular manufacturers and deploy the equipment that’s right for your needs
  • We invest and update continually, ensuring you always meet clinical standards
  • We safeguard the financial stability of your installation
  • We ensure that you can meet unexpected peaks in patient demand by deploying a mobile service

Radiotherapy services

Seamless integration with your own cancer services.

We work with the NHS and the independent sector to design and implement innovative radiotherapy services, giving you access to our advanced facilities with no capital outlay and no financial risk.

We construct and install the facility for you and manage everything once it’s in operation – leaving you free to concentrate on patients. Our tried and tested managed services combine clinical excellence and efficiency, delivering the highest quality care perfectly matched to the needs of your patients.

  • Our services integrate seamlessly with your existing cancer services
  • Access to conveniently located centres reduces travelling times
  • We deploy the latest equipment, ensuring both efficiency and value for money
  • We’re focussed on the patient, not on the limitations of equipment
  • We can easily and smoothly scale up to meet unexpected peaks in demand – helping reduce treatment waiting times

Our story

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Alliance Medical are Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services. 

We combine service excellence and innovative imaging technologies to improve patient care and support public and private healthcare organisations with their imaging requirements. Our approach has delivered consistent company growth for more than 25 years.

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Diagnostic imaging

Our managed imaging services make life easier for hospitals and clinicians leaving them free to focus on medical outcomes.

Molecular imaging

New and innovative nuclear medicine treatments are revolutionising our approach to a range of diseases and conditions.

Patient services

We deliver high quality, safe and timely patient scans for a range of different modalities. 

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