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NHS England chooses Collaborative Network bid to provide PET-CT scanning services across England

Monday, February 16, 2015
  • Collaborative Network led by Alliance Medical to provide PET-CT scanning services across 31 locations in England
  • Alliance Medical will invest over £80 million to improve the PET-CT imaging infrastructure and improve patient access through site expansion
  • New School of Oncology, hosted by The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, to provide training and education for radiologists, technologists and radiographers

It has been announced that a collaborative network, led by Alliance Medical, has been selected to provide PET-CT scanning services across 31 locations in England, following a competitive tender process.

The Collaborative Network, consisting of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, local NHS and charitable providers and a number of leading academic institutions, will provide PET-CT scanning services at 31 locations across England as part of a ten year contract.

As part of the contract, Alliance Medical will invest over £80 million over the life of the contract to improve the current infrastructure, including a commitment to transition away from mobile services towards sustainable, high-quality static sites.  We are also increasing the number of sites at which PET-CT services are delivered.  These pledges demonstrate Alliance Medical’s support for NHS England’s objective to optimise equity in patient access and reduce geographical variability in the quality of PET-CT infrastructures.

In addition to scanning services the collaborative network will also provide first class training and education for radiologists, technologists and radiographers through a School of Oncology hosted by The Christie NHS Foundation Trust while also supporting an increase in the number of clinical research trials.

Commenting on the contract award, Dr Wai Lup Wong, consultant radiologist and Chair of NHS England’s PET CT Clinical Reference Group said:

NHS England is committed to improving the diagnosis of cancer and this investment in vital scanning services will support this in providing a rapid turnaround of scan results, at a greater number of locations across the country.  This is very positive news for patients.


Dr Prakash Manoharan, Consultant Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician (clinical lead for PET-CT at The Christie), said:

Here at the Christie we are very clear in our ambition to deliver the highest quality care and treatment with real patient benefits and ultimately to increase cancer survival rates. Early clinical diagnosis is a critical part of delivering on that objective, and we see the strengths of our oncological leadership and Alliance Medical's diagnostic excellence building a world leading service."


Commenting on the decision Guy Blomfield, Group Chief Executive at Alliance Medical Group said,

It is a privilege to be part of a consortium of the highest quality healthcare and academic institutions and to be selected to provide PET-CT imaging services in England. We strongly believe that by providing better access to PET-CT and improving the current pathway, we can support NHS England’s objective of improving cancer survivorship. While it is important to provide a service that is fit for purpose now, we have also made a commitment to NHS England to work with, among others, the Clinical Reference Group to evaluate emerging technologies and radioactive tracers such that evidence-based decisions on service developments can be made.

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