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Static, mobile or modular?

Many hospitals find they have a growing clinical demand for diagnostic imaging services but are unable to finance a new or extended static facility because the capital outlay and equipment costs are just too high.

To try and address the pressure to meet patient waiting times, many hospitals opt to use flexible, cost effective mobile imaging services to increase capacity. 

However, if a hospital uses mobile scanning services for more than three days per week continuously, it may be more cost effective to move to a static system.

It’s a dilemma, and hospitals are looking for a middle way that helps them combine the increase in capacity of static scanning with the short term flexibility that mobile scanning offers. Modular buildings offer a solution.

Modular buildings, manageable contracts

All you need is available space in a car park or courtyard for a modular build solution to become a reality. Modular buildings provide a cost effective mid-term solution to hospitals’ imaging needs at affordable cost.

In place of the seven- to ten-year investment required for a new build in-house imaging department, the modular alternative offers a shorter three- to four-year contract period.

Alliance Medical work closely with you from specifying the building, the selection of scanners and clinical applications through to supervising installation to ensure we provide a bespoke solution that meets all your imaging service needs.

The benefits of taking a modular approach

Flexibility in terms of the size, location and external look of the building. Modular buildings can be multi-storeyed and cover thousands of square feet providing flexibility in terms of the size, location and external look of the building.

  • An improved environment for patients. A modular building can come with the benefit of a waiting room and, if feasible, a linked corridor to the main building.
  • Ability to customise the building so the “look and feel” of a traditional building can be achieved and the requisite rooms can be accommodated such as an examination room, adjoining rooms, reporting suite, waiting and changing areas, washrooms and toilets.
  • Ability to install the latest technology, such as wide bore MRI scanner which will lead to an increase in scanning capability.
  • Quicker speed of construction (compared to a traditionally constructed building) and minimal disruption to the wider hospital estate. The modular building is manufactured to the required specification off-site and then delivered to site for fast assembly the lead time is shortened.

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